Monday, March 14, 2016

古崎瞳@主演ドラマ公開中‼︎ tweeted: アメブロを更新しました。 「発売記念イベントまで一週間!」→

古崎瞳@主演ドラマ公開中‼︎ @HitomiFurusaki
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Carly Fiorina  @CarlyFiorina
Honor to be with @tedcruz at the American Rally in Charlotte. Ted's made the right enemies fighting the status quo.
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セダ編集部 @SEDA_GIRL
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Mark Dice @MarkDice
Yes, zombie. Bill Ayers was stoking the flames of fools who attacked people at the #TrumpRalyChi.…
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First World Pains @FirstWorldPains
when ur mom says no pizza rolls but u put them in the cart anyway
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